Scratch Off Cards

To make your own scratch off tickets/cards you’ll need;

Dawn dish soap (any brand should do)

metallic acrylic paint (any color and brand of your choice)

paint brush

packing tape or contact paper

painters tape  I personally didn’t use it for this project since my hand was steady

scrap paper  or craft mat



 Prepare your mixture.    Two parts paint for every one part dish soap.




Start mixing, but try not to stir too aggressively – you do not want too many little bubbles.



Grab a piece of scrap paper or craft mat and tape down the card you’re wanting to put the scratch off area on – (I actually didn’t tape down my card)

You will need either packing tape or contact paper to cover your picture or item that you want to paint.  You can also use paper punches to make designs for your scratch offs…






Make sure to cover the whole area you want painted over with tape.





If you do not have a steady hand use painters tape, mark off what you don’t want painted over. If you have a steady hand you could skip this step.  I did not use painters tape.


Now start painting.

Use thin, even layers. Don’t worry if you can still see through it after the first coat, it will most likely take two or four coats to get it all covered.




I did about 4 layers.  Give it about 15-60 mins to dry depending on how many layers you did.


If you used painters tape (blue removable tape) now you can remove the tape but be careful not to tear the surface/card. ( I skipped this step since I did not use painters tape.)


Now you have an awesome scratch off card/surface!




Now grab your coin and start scratching.









Halloween Pumpkin Makeover

Ok, so I had bought these pumpkins on clearance a few years ago at Target for around $1.00.  I never really did anything with them because they were so drab and I never had time to do anything with them. I went to the awesome sale at Michael’s this week and picked up tons of bottles of paint and extreme glitter on sale. Here are the before shots


Here is the plain drab pumpkin before I gave it a makeover...

Before makeover

Pumpkin before makeover

Now here are the AFTER photos

'Boo"tiful Pumpkin Makeover

Look at all that Glitter

Love the Glitter it looks awesome

I hope you enjoyed the post…as you can see I love EXTREME GLITTER…it is great for the holidays’

Have a great productive week.

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