Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween is coming near and whether you want to hand out goody bags to co-workers, trick or treaters or even clients this is one that anyone can do…


               Supplies that will be needed:

  1. Cardstock paper to make to stamp on
  2. Halloween stamps
  3. Black or any other color ink pads
  4. Address labels in white
  5. Treat bags (you can buy at any craft store or Wal-Mart)
  6. Candy (Hershey Nuggets preferred)


First layout your address labels:

These are left over from our wedding…I still have tons of them…lol

Next get some archival ink so the ink will not smudge and will be waterproof




You will need some Halloween stamps.  You can go to Michael’s and JoAnn’s Fabric and get small stamp sets for $1.00 and Wal-Mart carries similar ones for 97 cents.  (I could show you a bunch more but this is just a taste of the stamps)



You will also need something similar to Hershey Nuggets or Hershey nuggets.



and of course the bags you are going to put your treats in…

Now stamp on the labels however you want your design to be….





Now let’s assemble the labels to the candy and the bags:






















After you finish all the stamping and wrapping you can proceed to putting the candy in a clear bag or a decorative bag.







Now comes the topper for the bag.




Attach the topper to the bag with a staple or you can use a hole punch and some black ribbon to close it.






Here is your finished product to give out to your trick or treaters, friends, co-workers or clients…




Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  More to come.


Thanks for stopping by.






Candy Corn M & M’s

If you can get your hands on a bag of these get at least one bag and try..they are pretty yummy…but just like candy corn you can’t eat too many or you will be sick…


Halloween Pumpkin Makeover

Ok, so I had bought these pumpkins on clearance a few years ago at Target for around $1.00.  I never really did anything with them because they were so drab and I never had time to do anything with them. I went to the awesome sale at Michael’s this week and picked up tons of bottles of paint and extreme glitter on sale. Here are the before shots


Here is the plain drab pumpkin before I gave it a makeover...

Before makeover

Pumpkin before makeover

Now here are the AFTER photos

'Boo"tiful Pumpkin Makeover

Look at all that Glitter

Love the Glitter it looks awesome

I hope you enjoyed the post…as you can see I love EXTREME GLITTER…it is great for the holidays’

Have a great productive week.

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