Meet Mimi

Welcome to Mimi’s Merry Messages.  Mimi is my cute as a button Jack Russell Terrier..she is my spoiled princess and keeps me on my toes like a small child..ha ha.  She loves to bike ride..she has a special bike leash that we will use but with the weather being so hot in TEXAS (100+ temps) she could not enjoy her bike rides so I bought a basket so she could still enjoy her outings.  Mimi also has her own facebook page and she has quite a few friends and has been featured in American Dog Magazine.  (page 44)

Mimi in her bike basket

Mimi in her bike basket

This is me, Dedi, with Sadie.  Sadie is a client’s dog.  I own a Pet Care Business as well.  My husband, Gary, is wonderful and is the one that supports and encourages my ideas even if they are outrageous.  If it wasn’t for him I never would be as happy as I have been in our 3 yrs of marriage.  He is also my brutal critic..he will tell me if he thinks something is just not that great…which is wonderful.  He is truly a blessing from above.

Me (Dedi) with a client’s dog, Sadie


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