“Goals” for 2013

I do not make resolutions because I know I will not keep them…

Just like exercising and eating right..blah blah….

Well this time I am going to make 2 goals that I am really going to push to succeed at:

First goal: Go back to using coupons again. I got out of the habit last year while going through my stock pile for the the year of 2012. But when my stockpile got wiped out when I bought apparently some beans that had gone bad and didn’t know it until I pulled them out and when I opened the cabinet they were stored in tons of “moths” flew out all into my storage area….that was the beginning of the end of my flour/grain based goods…I threw out 5-50 gallon bags of products that were not to expire until the end of 2013. I don’t know who was crying me for the loss of so much food or my kids and husband for the loss of their snack foods. Also, I want to donate more food to food banks with the help of my coupons..I am, by all means, not an extreme couponer but I can be if I really put my heart and soul into it…but sometimes I just do not have the time somebody has to tend to my Farm on Farmville 2. Ha Ha.

Second goal: To save money. Easier than it sounds…something always sneaks up to suck the savings account dry.

What are your goals for 2013?


80% off Christmas at Michael’s

I went into Michael’s with full intent NOT to spend any more than the cost of refill and with my handy coupons in tow…I made the mistake to turn my head and notice the 80% off Christmas bin at the store I went to…at first I was going to keep going but then a stamp set I had wanted was in the pile of goodies….this sucked me in.    I rummaged through the bin and just about emptied it out loading my cart up…and OH they didn’t have my ink refill…so I wound up walking out paying $47  a lot of Christmas stuff and stamps sets….and Mod Podge Christmas paper…and some other embellishments…  

I was happy with my little Christmas haul and think….what did I miss on their clearance aisle since I forced myself out there door…lol