Michael’s Shopping Trip today

Today I remembered I had two 50% off coupons that were going to expire today..so I thought let me go see if there is anything I need..so I finally broke down and bought the Wilton Chocolate Pro Melting Pot.  I have been wanting this for years but didn’t want to pay the $29.96  price on it..so I thought 50% off here I come…so I got it for under $18 tax included.    Michael’s hot coupon..Monday coupon  25% off entire purchase..coupon is valid for Monday, January 16 ONLY

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3 thoughts on “Michael’s Shopping Trip today

  1. Jackie’s mom here 🙂 Are you getting the Michael’s coupons by email? I signed up for their email and text updates and they hardly ever send me any. 😦


    • Hello Jackie’s Mom…Noelle I am a rewards member (GOLD). If you have not signed up for the rewards program do so they have some special goodies that they send via email. I get emails and I get coupons from the registers. The 50% off that were expiring today I received those last week in store when I purchased products for my SLICE products.

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