Another reason why I LOVE MICHAEL’S

Friday I bought the SLICE ELITE (PINK) and one cartridge.  The Slice was on sale for $39.99 from $149.99.  The cartridge was marked down from $49.99 to $9.99..


Today, Sunday, I got an email from Michael’s stating the cartridges have been marked to a closeout price of $4.99…WOW…I went and picked up a couple of more cartridges and accessories.  I noticed the SLICE ELITE was marked down to $19.99…WOW….

While checking out,I asked the CSM if I could get a price adjustment she said, ” NO”..

I went to another Michael’s to see if I could find a Christmas cartridge that I wanted; but they were also out of stock…I asked the manager of that store if I would be able to get an adjustment since I bought the machine on Friday..he said, “of course..just bring back your receipt..we will be happy to take care of you.”

I ran home got my machine, cartridge (just in case) and receipt..I wound up getting at $27 price adjustment…yeah

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