Half way mark on my reorganization..still a work in progress

Here is the half way point…




I love this craft table...


I love this table..it folds down..I only have one side up right now..and it rolls around…the paper rack is awesome too…I got both of these free..YES FREE..I posted on Freecycle.org in my area and asked if anyone had any crafting items to give away..a woman was cleaning out her craft room and gave me tons of stuff to get started…(this was just the beginning of my crafting addiction)….


There is still quite a bit more stuff to put up and to post…so as I slowly put stuff up and figure out how I want things to be displayed or organized I will show more photos…



Hobby Lobby Shopping Trip

So I decided to stop in Hobby Lobby..it had been awhile since I had been the Hobby Lobby on the East side of Plano…so I wandered in to see what I could find..and you know I found something….Well..here are some of the goodies that I found..a new rubber stamp to make an awesome card with…a pack of mini clay pots for 83 cents normally $3.00 a pack..(one pot is broken) ..I bought some Valentine candy and some candy decorations for cookies/cupcakes…I finally found a SLICE spatula..every Michael’s was out of stock and anyone who was still selling SLICE still had them full price..so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it half price at Hobby Lobby.  I got some baking cups that do not need to go in a muffin pan on clearance..  I got a tube of icing for $1.79.   Some Christmas stuff marked to 90% off..


Some of my Hobby Lobby Haul

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Reorganizing the Messy Craft Room

Sigh…a very big sigh…I hoped that it would not take me as long as it has to get my room in order…I can’t do anything until it is tip top shape…which really bites…I need to make some Thank You cards and a birthday card for my sister….and I want to play with my new SLICE machine…I never get to do nothing….ha ha ha ha…

Don’t worry I will show you a before and after…and possibly an in between photo..you know the one..where the mess gets bigger than it was before…I have also had to stop a few times…and clean up a few messes when one of my dogs decided to throw up in the middle of the room….yeah thanks….

Michael’s Shopping Trip today

Today I remembered I had two 50% off coupons that were going to expire today..so I thought let me go see if there is anything I need..so I finally broke down and bought the Wilton Chocolate Pro Melting Pot.  I have been wanting this for years but didn’t want to pay the $29.96  price on it..so I thought 50% off here I come…so I got it for under $18 tax included.    Michael’s hot coupon..Monday coupon  25% off entire purchase..coupon is valid for Monday, January 16 ONLY

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Homemade Chocolate Cherry goodness

So after working out with my new Wii..I decided to make some chocolate goodness for my husband…he loves getting little surprises in his lunch kit…

Here are his little surprises:  Chocolate Covered Cherries.

(do not mind the date on the photos..my camera keeps adjusting to the past I didn’t even own it in 2007)

Homemade Chocolate Cherries

I also put little hearts on them before the chocolate completely dried.

Sprinkled with candy hearts

I put them in little paper cups with hearts on them..(a clearance find from Valentine’s Day last year)

Packaged in a Valentine Box

Then another clearance find from the same last year clearance.  Valentine boxes.

Packed & Ready to go in my husband's lunch

Chocolate Covered Cherries packed and ready to go in my husband’s lunch kit.

When I showed him his goodies….

he gave me a big hug and kiss.