Heifer Show Sign

I saw a friend of mine post on facebook she was in need of someone who could make a sign for her daughter’s show Heifer for her Ag Class.  I jumped at the shot to do a project and to make a gift for my friend and her daughter.  I contacted my friend, Carolyn, as said I would love to do it…so here is my project.

Shopping trip to several craft stores to research and find the supplies needed.

I finally found all the letters and the size plaque I needed at Michael’s.

I also bought the new Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid in the following colors:

Pearl Purple Martin

Glitter Onyx

I had at home Folk Art Paints by Plaid


Extreme Glitter Hologram (I love glitter it makes me happy  :o) )




First photo laying out the project so I can get a “feel” of how it will look.

Start of Project


After moving the sign around and putting the letters the way I thought I would want them….I had to figure out which color would be the plaque and which would be for the letters…her daughters favorite colors are dark purple and black..I wanted this to stand out and when people walked by would say WOW and it would make them stop and look at her heifer.


First "draft" of sign

First "draft

The sign still didn’t look finished..so I went searching through my paints and found my EXTREME GLITTER.

I started out at first with a little then another and another well you get the idea..I love glitter..so several coats later..

Now just trying to get a feel on how the letters should be situated..


figuring out how to arrange the lettersThe Census like the sign like this..



Here is the FINAL PRODUCT…




I attached two hooks and used leather straps that matched the purple color.


Here is the FINAL PICTURE with the Heifer and Taylor.

Taylor & Shadow


Thank you for reading my post.  I hope you come back and see the next sign I will be making for another student.


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